Helter Skelter | A foodie’s day out in Beijing


Helter Skelter is a wonderful new online newspaper that showcases alternative AKA ‘good writing that doesn’t take itself too seriously’ and I am quite chuffed that they published this little piece.

‘Do they really eat dog?’ was the most common question I encountered after I returned from a two-week-long trip to Xian and Beijing.

It’s almost bizarre how the idea of a cuisine that is such a big part of the restaurant culture in India is fraught with so much dubiety. Much like Indian cuisine, food in China has two distinct separate origins: the cuisine of kings and concubines with appropriate names like Peking Duck, Phoenix in the Nest, Precious fish, and the home food that peasants lived on, much the same stuff our peasants lived on — onions, garlic, and ginger. With the advent of communism and a century of starving, everyone now eats everything; food is everywhere and it’s a major pastime. Read more here 

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